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Bryonyhill Cattery is fully licensed, number 881180119ANIMBD, and built to the ICC (International Cat Care) standards. We have over 25 ‘cottages’ and each one contains its own heater for warmth, a night light, a shelf bed, litter tray, feeding bowls and a selection of toys.

Our aim is to ensure that during their stay, the cats have a pleasant, relaxing, peaceful and stress-free experience.

Why Bryonyhill Cattery?

Spacious Cottages

We’ve invested heavily in spacious cottages for your cat to stay in. Each one has full height sneeze barriers, is cleaned twice-daily and comes with lighting, heating, bedding, toys, scratch posts, litter trays, feeding and drinking bowls. So you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Outdoor Play Area

We understand how important enrichment is in the lives of animals, especially when they are away from home. So to keep stress levels to a minimum, your cat will have an outdoor area where they can climb, play, interact and exercise until their hearts content.

Healthy Diet Provided

We provide a diet of Royal Canine complete food or Felix/ Whiskers meat if preferred. If your cat has a particular diet, you are very welcome to bring along their own food.

Medical Conditions Accepted

We are experienced in looking after cats of all kinds and with lots of different needs. Regardless of your cat’s medical needs, we can still cater for them as you would at home.

We Follow a Daily Routine

Cats like routine and predictability and find being cared for by the same person reassuring. Because of this, we follow a strict daily routine for their comfort and sense of security.

Nervous cat? Not a problem.

We let nervous cats set the pace and come to us when they feel ready. We provide pyramid beds for security and (if you wish) Feliway spray, but also recommend you bring things with you to help them feel at home.

Frequently Asked Questions: Everything you need to know.

Can I visit the cattery before booking?

Yes! New clients are welcomed and encouraged to view our cattery before they make their first booking. Please contact us to arrange a viewing inspection appointment. This also gives you the opportunity to discuss any individual needs your cat may have.

What do I need to bring?

Apart from bringing in your cat and vaccination certificate, you really don’t need to bring anything else in. We provide all bedding, litter trays, feeding/water bowls and a few toys. However, to help your cat settle in better you may prefer to bring in your cat’s favourite blanket or toy.

Are your cattery cottages cleaned regularly?

Our units are cleaned, disinfected and sprayed with a feline friendly virucide prior to your cats’ arrival and then freshened on a daily basis. Litter trays are cleaned as soon as they become soiled.

What food do you provide?

We will provide a range of foods as well as wet meats from well known brands. Generally, we find Whiskers wet and dry foods are most popular with our visitors. If you prefer, you can bring your cats own food.

My cat is on medication, is this OK?

We have no problem treating your pet as required with pills or lotions and we are happy to keep medical appointments for you as well.

How old does my kitten have to be to board?

Normally at least 6 months old. Kittens must also be fully vaccinated before entry to this or any other cattery. They are usually at least 13 weeks old before their vaccination course is complete. Young kittens are still in the process of settling into their new home and learning toilet training, so boarding before 6 months can disrupt home routine and training at an important stage. We give special attention to young kittens to make sure they settle in well and feel stimulated and cared for.

If I'm delayed collecting my cat, can it stay in the same cottage?

If you are delayed for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible. We will try to leave your cat in the same chalet where booking commitments allow. During peak periods they may have to be moved to another chalet.

My cat is quite elderly, can you take it?

Yes. Bryonyhill Cattery is very capable of looking after your elderly cat. All cats get older eventually and we have many cats that have been coming to us for some time.

Do you take disabled cats?

Yes. We have many customers who have disabled cats or cats with special needs. We have adapted cottages to cater for disabled cats. Please call us if you have any concerns.

Can I phone you to see how my cat is getting on?

Yes this is very common that you want to be assured your cat has settled in well. You can phone at any time for a check up call, we quite understand.

What proof do we need of my cat’s vaccination?

Your vet will provide you with a vaccination certificate. On the day of arrival to our cattery bring it with you.

My cat's never been vaccinated – what do I do?

Quite simply go to a vet and book your cat in for his/her vaccinations. The most important vaccination when your cat goes into a cattery is Cat Flu.

What is the vaccination procedure?

When your cat goes to the vets for its first cat flu vaccinations it will have:
- Its first jab on day one.
- 3 weeks later your cat will go back for its final jab known as the booster.
- 2 weeks after its booster jab is when your cat is ready to go into a cattery because this is when its immune system is fully protected.
- 12 months later from the date of your last cat’s vaccination you need to go back to the vets for its annual injection.

What if my cat’s vaccination dates have lapsed?

If your cats vaccination dates have lapsed by a few weeks don’t worry just go back to the vets for its annual booster. If its lapse by a few months you may need to start the vaccination process all over again, as explained above.

I made a booking but I have to cancel it?

We appreciate you letting us know as soon as you can. We do reserve the right to make a charge for late cancellations and no shows during peak times.

Cattery Prices

For your cat’s comfort, we would recommend a maximum of 2 cats in one cottage. If you have more than 2 cats, we can open up 2 adjoining cottages so they can still be together. For example, we could accommodate up to 4 cats in 2 adjoining cottages.

Please note: we accept cash, card and cheque as payment.


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2 Cats

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2 Cats

2 Cottages

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3 Cats

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4 Cats

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Collection & Delivery

We offer a collection and delivery service for your cat at a price of £5.00 each round trip. This covers a 3-mile radius, after which an extra £1.00 per mile is added on.

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